Scripts For Television/Radio

Welcome to my page of scripts! Here I have uploaded four (count 'em) scripts for television which I have written. The styles include comedy drama, classic sitcom and the more subtle side of sitcom. Simply click on the relevent photograph and a PDF of the full script will appear instantly! If any of these interest you then please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for reading...

Nursery Rimes



University drop-out Ollie Rimes wants to become a stand-up comedian, but when he begrudgingly takes the job of a nursery assistant at his family’s request, he discovers the job doesn’t quite affect his comedic dreams in the way his father predicted...

"This is a great premise for a sitcom. It has really good characters with distinctive voices and lovely dialogue"

Bennett Arron - award-winning writer, comedian and actor




Best friends Danny Owen and Jamie Foster, kindly open their home to Melanie Thomas, a friend of Danny’s sister, when she needs to escape a tempestuous relationship. Set in 1999, this is a crazy story of love, hate, laughter, tears, lying, cheating, sex, violence, embarrassment and downright humiliation ensues. And that’s just the boys...

*Script included here is a 'double' first episode...

Two Wheels On My Wagon



Having been made redundant and taken on a lesser role with a lesser salary - coupled with a somewhat moribund marriage to wife Susan - Nick Constable decides the family need to start getting away from it all and decides there is no better and cheaper way to do it than caravanning…


Wheels Of Steele

You’ve met him. I’ve met him. In fact anyone who has been in the presence of a mobile disco has met DJ Mike Steele. 


Out of touch with the public and popular culture, Mike naively believes he can still rock the crowd in 2020, just like he did in 1988. Only there are no crowds to ‘rock’. He is no longer DJ at the city’s biggest nightclub “four nights a week with an optional bi-monthly Monday night”, the phone barely rings and he must now make ends meet by entertaining children in tiny village halls. But even they’re not listening.


Bitter, but resolute, by fair means or foul, Mike Steele will stop at nothing to restore his reputation as the county’s No.1 Disc Jockey.


Best Years Of Our Lives - Cover.jpg

Best Years Of Our Lives


Welcome back to 1987... A time when Rick Astley was riding high in the hit parade, obscure cartoon characters endorsed breakfast cereals and if you wanted to see saucy pictures your best chance was to check under the nearest hedge. But despite such differences in popular culture, being young was still being young.

So relive your teenage trials and tribulations, your heart-aches and heart-breaks as we follow one group of friends whilst they laugh, cry and muddle their way through their final school year at Thomas Boyd Comprehensive.

But will these really be the best years of their lives?